Nov 22, 2011 Often times in conversation with someone I haven’t met before, when I mention that I do jail and prison ministry, their response is, “I couldn’t do that.”  When I ask them why they feel they couldn’t do jail or prison ministry, the common response is, “I am not qualified.”  A few say […]

Conference Photo of Participants

An Appeal to End Religious Violence

We, the participants from different parts of Nigeria and representatives from Ethiopia, Zimbabwe and United State of America at the conference organized by the New Era Educational and Charitable Support Foundation (NEECSF) in partnership with the Voice of Angels Foundation (VAF), United Religions Initiative (URI) and Interfaith Peace -building Initiative (IPI) on the occasion of […]

Local press article from 1st day of conference

Catching up on important meetings

Tuesday evening Nov 1st, John and I met for dinner with Sani Suleiman of JDPC. Sani is the coordinator and program director of Peace building and Conflict Transformation for the JDPC in Jos, Nigeria. He is a Muslim working for the Catholic organization. www.jdpcjos.org. Justice Development and Peace Commission/Caritas (JDPC) is responsible for social development […]

A Conversation With CMIA Students

Tuesday afternoon Nov 1st I had a lovely conversation with the SS2 students (the equivalent of high school seniors.)  They had been studying literature and I asked what were their favorite novels and writers.  Hands down it was the novel “The Purple Hibiscus” by Ngozi Adiche and the drama “Blinkards” by Kobina Sekyi. Unfortunately, I […]


It is Thursday morning here!  Today is our last day here before departing for Abuja tomorrow.  Hoever, I want to write about yesterday because last night I was unable to get online. I’m struck by what seem paradoxes around here in Jos.  There seems to be a great deal of building going on.  New construction, […]

The Work Continues

People here know that peace is needed and want this time NOW make a difference.  All understand it will be an ongoing process. Yesterday we were interviewed on a one hour live radio show.  The interviewer, Kenzy Gopar did a wonderful job of asking questions that tied education, religion and family to practices of peace.  […]


It feels like a dream, because it is.  The beginning of a new dream for all those in attendance.  Having gone through “The Principles of Reconciliation” everyone finished the conference with additional new skills and commitments of how to go forward in their own lives, personally and professional, to build peace.  I don’t think I […]

Hearts Touching Hearts

The transformation is happening.  People don’t want to stop their conversations. Things are definitely flowing. How do we measure the way that hearts have been transformed?  How do we measure how people have been inspired?  How we do measure the level of hope?  All I know is the difference is palpable and present at the […]