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Outreach to the institutionalized Video

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Awakening hearts through music and universal spiritual practices from our world’s wisdom traditions.

Our outreach work with those institutionalized provides a nourishing, peaceful, compassionate space where people of all faiths (or no faith) can listen to soothing music and learn about the universal practices of peace. Our newsletters and live work support those inside to search for truth, engage in dialogue, experience personal growth, realize their self worth, embrace the sacred, find purpose, and participate more responsibly 
in their community.

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Youth Interfaith Conference Agenda

Planning is coming along nicely.  Currently I’m working with Emmanuel Ivogba, co-founder and director of NEEDCSI, the local non profit we work with in Jos, Nigeria, on wrapping up the 2011 conference agenda.

Juan Melendez in Santa Cruz CA Nov 2, 2012

Download Flyer:  Juan Melendez in Santa Cruz Nov 2, 2012


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2011 Youth Interfaith Conference