Universal Practices of Peace Education


  • Most inside jails/prisons are there because of drug use.
  • Most people start using to cope with severe loss.
  • Whatever ones chronological age is when they start using, is the emotional age they are when they become clean and sober.
  • In jails (when they are clean and sober for the first time in awhile), they are presented with an opportunity to ‘catch up’ with themselves.  Some are openly integrating, trying to heal and learn new ways.  This moment provides an ideal opening to engage them in spiritual practices universal to all faith traditions that have been taught through the millennia to cope with the challenges of life.  By imparting these life skills in an environment free of any association with only one particular faith,  those inside are given the opportunity to experience the benefits of daily practices: gratitude, forgiveness, apology, prayer, silence, honest self reflection, action aligned with purpose, service, etc… in an environment that honors each persons heritage, fostering an appreciation of authentic religion and inter religious respect thus allowing and supporting personal transformation.
  • By being present to those inside, it is a tremendous gift, for it lets them know that someone cares.
In response to our asking, “Are there any practices of peace with you incorporate into your daily life since attending these sessions?”
An inmate, -Terry N. responded:

  1.  silent prayer
  2. practicing and brokering peace in the dorm
  3. singing along with the whole dorm
  4. forgetting my ego and being at peace within

The teachings are truly inspiring, insightful, truthful and helpful to my heart.

“I’m more at ease.  I understand a lot more and able to actually interact within the group.”

– James  T.,  April 2008

“I am always intrigued at how her message of non denominational spirituality seems to hold together people of such divergent backgrounds:  I have seen Catholics, protestants, fundamentalists, Muslims, Buddhists and even ardent atheists listen carefully to what she says.  These are people who only a day previously have been involved in physical fights (often with each other) and I have even seen two such fighters from a day before actually singing together.”

We have included our Gems of Wisdom compilation for use with those inside:

Planning Volunteer Work at a Penal Institution

Link for Gems of Wisdom booklet