Emissaries of Grace Programs

Supporting spiritual well being in our nations prisons, veterans and mental health facilities through:

– Live performances in prisons, jails and other institutional settings

    Singing live and inspiring/mentoring other musicians to perform live inside institutions.

No pictures are allowed to be taken inside jails or prisons therefore in addition to the comment above, I’ve tried to capture a singing experience in words:

“….reaching, grasping with their hands as no way of physical contact was possible, the women had their hands out stretched through their open food slot tray openings.   Their hearts spoke through those hands in their very reaching through locked doors.  Their eyes at the level of the food tray slots as well, that they might see and hear the music unhindered by the doors.  Eager eyes with love and light, so gracious for the gift of Spirit through song.  After I finished singing, I listened to their chorus of ‘thank yous’ like multilayered chimes ringing through the hall…”


National Distributions of CDs

of Inspired Sung Prayer

     to veterans facilities and our nations prisons

  “I do spirituality groups on a Locked down Psych ward and believe this CD will be a great help to meditation that I try to do with the Veterans.” -Veteran’s Chaplain from Indiana 2003 

Universal Practices of Peace    Education
Training volunteers to serve in jails and teach the universal practices of peace of mind and heart to inmates
“It often has a calming effect on the whole dorm of 65 men.”  -Mike

“I’m learning inner peace and self domane.”  Isaias

“Brings me peace inside.”  Carlos

“It realy brings balance.”  -unsigned

“Got a different perspective on life.” -unsigned

“The calming influence and the voice of reasons, help all of us to deal with lifes issues…   -Terry

Those inside are starved for sensory experiences and any form of contact with grace.

If we truly want them when released to be good neighbors, why cannot we understand as a society, our need to model that which we wish them to become?