Voices of Angels is unique in that we incorporate aspects of Art, Reflective practices, Education and Social Justice.

Our education outreach projects (domestically and internationally) as well as local community events include principles from the following fields:

  • ‘education as liberation’, restorative justice, common spiritual integration practices (for inner and outer peace), postcolonial discourse honoring multiple worldviews (ontologies) and ways of knowing (epistemologies), intergenerational trauma, grief work, and non violence.
  •  We engage individuals and communities in self directed inquiry driven process utilizing integrative and transformational learning methods.   We believe in fostering restoration through reflection, self-determination and active engagement.   We provide multiple models of spiritual and ethical components for understanding purpose and self creation.

Our domestic work throughout the USA entails supporting spiritual well being in our nations prisons, veterans and mental health facilities through:

1 National distribution of Voices of Angels CDs with healing prayers for all institutionalized populations in Veteran’s facilities, federal and state prisons and mental health facilities for establishing contemplative and calming environments.  These same CDs are available for purchase on our ‘Music’ page.  100% of proceeds supports our prison outreach projects.

“It appears your material is aimed at nurturing the inner spiritual qualities present in all humans regardless of their beliefs and practices.”   Prison Chaplain in 2002

2 Our Emissaries of Grace Program consists of distribution of other artists CDs and cassettes to prisons nationally.  We have received 1000’s of donated casettes and CDs from other artists and covered mailing costs to 350 facilities nationwide.

3 Our Emissaries of Grace Program also consists of weekly programs at the Monterey County Jail offering contemplative environments engaging in the practices of peace.

“I felt I belonged for once, and that fellow inmates with different back grounds, different races (religions) have a common ground.”   -Michael S. in 2007

“It is one of the few places and times, perhaps the only one in jail, where someone brings to our lives a spiritual environment and discussion for the purpose of bringing us together in harmony as well as teaching us about the practices in religion regarding truth, love, forgiveness and self responsibility.”  The most obvious (practice) one is how we are able to take back the feeling of togetherness initiated in the sessions to the dorm if we so desire.  Also prayer and meditation.”  -Monterey County jail inmate 2008

4 We are currently developing a curriculum for other volunteers to be able to initiate Voices of Angels ‘Emissaries of Grace’ Programs in facilities throughout the USA.

5 Live performances in prisons, jails and other institutional settings

Annual Events Concerts for Peace & Justice
Sponsoring interfaith, peace and bridge building events as well as fostering awareness of the needs of those inside.


Our international work focused in Nigeria entails supporting peace building efforts through education and principles of collective wisdom:

1 We have two pilot projects in secondary high schools in Jos, Nigeria.  An eGranary (digital library with 15 million documents of educational material) networked with donated laptops have been installed allowing student and faculty access to educational resources.  95% of Nigerian students do not have access to textbooks, libraries, or internet access.

2 We cosponsor and host with NEEDCSI our partner non profit in Jos, Nigeria, Interfaith conferences based on community principles of reconciliation work and creative collective breakthrough.  We engage communities in fostering restoration through reflection, self-determination and active engagement, incorporating elements drawn from  intergenerational trauma, grief work, and non violence practices.