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Then we offered it to our nation’s chaplains serving in state and federal prisons, veterans and mental health facilities. Out of 1000 letters of introduction, initially 140 responded and asked for the CD for use in their facilities. Since then, by chaplains sharing with other chaplains or by chaplains moving to different facilities we now have CDs in several hundred facilities.

“We find that the music provides inspiration and hope to many.” -Prison chaplain 2002

There is a great need for music that meets the needs of gatherings of many faiths in institutional settings.

In addition to our national distributions of CDs Shannon began singing live in various CA state prisons and jails initiating our Emissaries of Grace Program. Shannon also volunteers regularly in the Monterey County Jail where besides praying and singing with inmates she shares the universal practices of peace common to all faith traditions. Our focus is to model and teach the perennial philosophy and benefits of adherence to daily spiritual practice, thus promoting the peace practices of the various faith traditions. We are NOT about making the religions the same! We honor the background and faith affiliation of every individual while modeling skills that they can incorporate into their lives regardless of heritage.

Chaplains appreciate the use of prayers sung without words to facilitate deep contemplative prayer.

All have benefitted from the practices of peace programs integrating the song, silence and prayerful settings into their lives.

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