Hearts Touching Hearts

The transformation is happening.  People don’t want to stop their conversations. Things are definitely flowing. How do we measure the way that hearts have been transformed?  How do we measure how people have been inspired?  How we do measure the level of hope?  All I know is the difference is palpable and present at the conference!  The participants themselves are speaking about it.

[I’m sorry for you folks back home that the internet here has been so weak that I have been unable to post pictures.  I will keep trying, however, worst case I will post some photos upon our return.]

Many people came up to me throughout the day.  One shared that before attending last years conference, he had been betrayed and had lost hope.  He said that last year’s conference had been a turning point and that he had initiated several projects.  Another came to say that this was her first conference and that she can hardly wait to implement everything she has learned.  She works at an NGO work doing youth leadership development in Abuja.  Another gentleman also said this was his first time and that he has benefited tremendously.  The Ambassador from Ethiopia mentioned how much he appreciated learning about ‘The Demons of the Imagination’ (i.e. “I can’t make a difference”, “The circumstances are too powerful”, “I don’t have the resources-time or money,) since he knew these kind of thoughts stopped so many people.

Sani Suleiman and Emmanuel Ivorgba are wonderful partners in facilitating this conference.  Both are experienced peacebuilders.  Sani is widely known from a radio program in Jos.  He is humorous, capable, able to move with the group in a widely dynamic and engaging manner.  He brings a wealth of information from his years of experience.  Emmanuel is driven, passionate, a man of action and a man of his word.  Both bring overlapping and unique gifts to the conference.

Anyway there is so much to tell, but I have just been informed they are ready to serve dinner and are wiating for me.  So I’ll try to write more later.

In solidarity with peacebuilders around the world,