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It feels like a dream, because it is.  The beginning of a new dream for all those in attendance.  Having gone through “The Principles of Reconciliation” everyone finished the conference with additional new skills and commitments of how to go forward in their own lives, personally and professional, to build peace.  I don’t think I […]

Hearts Touching Hearts

The transformation is happening.  People don’t want to stop their conversations. Things are definitely flowing. How do we measure the way that hearts have been transformed?  How do we measure how people have been inspired?  How we do measure the level of hope?  All I know is the difference is palpable and present at the […]

Pre Conference Excitement

Things are starting to speed up!   Conference attendees and presenters from out of town started showing up tonight at the CRUDAN Guesthouse where we’ll all be staying for the duration of the conference. It seems that most of the Nigerian attendees are well known to each other as many have been doing peace work for […]

A Day of Many Visits – Tuesday Oct 25, 2011

WOW!  What a day! The early part of the morning was spent visiting with Mercy from ‘Project Happiness’.  What a surprise to see her walk into the NEEDCSI office, not having seen her since 2007.  She just graduated in economics from Univ of Jos and now has to wait a year, before then serving another […]

Apurimac Onlus Vocational Training Center

John spent the morning installing the new eGranary (a digital library) at a vocational training center. The photograph shows members of the staff at Apurimac Onlus Vocational center celebrating the installation of the eGranary. The center provides a variety of programs including computer skills. The computer training graduates 100 students every 6 months and includes […]

Emmanuel Ivorgba, director of, our partner

Nothing here would be possible without the ground help of Emmanuel Ande Ivorgba, the director of, a local non profit here in Jos, Nigeria dedicated to peacebuilding and youth leadership. It is always a privilege to work with him and I am happy to call him my friend.  His dedication in serving the youth […]

Preparations for the conference continuing

Well, as happens here, there was no electricity for two days and even though there is a generator at the guesthouse where we are staying, the internet was not working.  So…. here it is Monday Oct 24th and things are whirling. Emmanuel and I met yesterday afternoon and wrapped up the conference details. The first […]

We’ve Arrived

We have safely arrived in Abuja, Nigeria and will spend the night here.  Tomorrow we will travel to Jos, Nigeria. Our wonderful driver, Sunday, who has been our faithful chaperone for all of our past adventures  met us at the airport.  It is a delight to finish traveling by being welcomed with a big hug, […]

Our Internal Conversations and Peace Building

A few years ago I came across a quote, (unfortunately I didn’t note the source.)   The line was: “We don’t live in the world, we live in the conversation we have about the world.”   What is the current conversation we are having about the world? What have we picked up?  How have we arranged those […]